Grandparents are awesome.

Every one of them has a unique story about how they were raised and how they raised your parents. And every one of them has valuable life lessons to share, ranging from shiny nuggets of wisdom about love, life, and family. Chances are, when you were younger, you didn’t appreciate the wisdom your grandparents shared as much as you should have. But this Sunday is a very special day dedicated to grandparents, so you have a chance to show them how much you care.

Many of our facilities hold get-togethers for our residents that are grandparents so that their children and grandchildren receive a very warm welcome. Here is a shot from a picnic that Steuben Center held this summer:

Grandma Virginia always says, “Family is everything.” And we couldn’t agree with her more.

Here’s another one of our favorite grandparents at Essex Center Roger B. ; in fact, he’s our Number 1 Grandpa!

“I love being a grandpa. I do everything – and I mean everything – with my grandkids. We go fishing, camping, apple picking, and I tell them so many stories. I give them all of my love, it’s the easiest thing to administer and they appreciate it so much.”

No matter their age, your grandparents will always love and appreciate the time you spend with them.
They know that they won’t be around forever, but the fond memories you have with them will never be forgotten. All of our facilities have regular visiting hours, so set aside some time on your schedule to visit your loved one.

Happy Grandparents Day from all of us at Centers Health Care!