A study from the University of Maryland found that a hacker attacks a computer every 39 seconds, affecting one in every three Americans each year. In addition, it’s believed that 95% of cyber-attacks are caused by human error.

With that in mind, Essex Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has four top cybersecurity tips to follow so you’re not just another victim.

  1. Be Careful on Public Wi-Fi

Many internet providers offer free public Wi-Fi hotspots, as do restaurants, cafes, and stores. Experts, however, recommend avoiding these unless they are password-protected. If you must use them, do not use it to conduct any financial transactions. An alternative is to set up your phone as a secure hot spot and use your laptop to connect to that source.

  1. Social Media Trends

If you recall the 2019 crazy from the app where you could see how you would look as you age, plenty of people had security concerns over that. Millions of people willingly provided a photo and other personal information to a company they were likely not very familiar with. Also, be careful when clicking on videos that a friend may have shared; if you’re asked to download a media player or take a survey, it could be a phishing attempt.

  1. Be Careful When Typing URLs

Many companies will register typos that are close to their actual name (for example, if you type googl.com, you will be directed to the Google site). However, hackers will also try and register these domains in an attempt to gain personal information. In addition to watching your spelling, you can access websites through a search engine or bookmark to ensure that you’re going to the real deal.

  1. Use Different Passwords

One strategy that hackers employ is stealing your password on a site with minimal security (such as a message board forum), and they will then use that password to log in to more sensitive sites like email and bank accounts. Employ a strategy where you use very strong passwords – utilizing capital letters, numbers, and symbols – for your most sensitive accounts, and use different ones for other websites and subscription services.

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