As we age, the goal should be to reduce the number of financial commitments we have. This includes, for many, getting the most life out of their vehicle (that is hopefully already paid off). 

Essex Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing would like to share four ways you can keep your car in good condition for many years to come


  • Watch Your Routes


If you tend to go to the same places routinely, check your route. Is the road littered with potholes? Is there stop-and-go traffic when an alternate route may take a couple more minutes but provide a smoother ride? These are things to consider when it comes to the long-term care of your brakes, springs, tires, and suspension.


  • Use Your Air Conditioner


It may come as a surprise that air conditioners have more problems in northern states than in places like Texas and Florida, where they are used year-round. The reason for this is that after months of inactivity, turning on an air conditioner can cause a leak or cause a hose to break, leading to costly repairs. Turn your A/C on once a month, regardless of climate, to keep the parts moving.


  • Use the Car


If you don’t use your car much but have it for rare occasions, or if you travel a lot (say you’re a snowbird and you leave a car sitting in Florida for several months), be sure to have someone run the  car every couple of weeks, even if it’s just around the block. Otherwise, you risk a dead battery, brakes and clutch seizing, stale fuel, and flat spots on your tires.


  • Let the Engine Warm Up


We’ve all been there – let the engine warm up in the driveway for around 10 minutes while it’s freezing cold outside. While that’s good to get the temperature inside the car to your liking, it’s not necessary for the car. The engine itself actually warms up better while driving but be careful not to rev the engine while it’s still cold, as that could cause damage.

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