With gas prices skyrocketing to record levels ($4.74 a gallon by the end of May 2022), interest has naturally risen in fuel-free alternatives.

Hybrid models use a combination of fuel and electricity that can push fuel economy to potentially over 100 miles to the gallon, while fully electric vehicles (EVs) require no stops at the pumps at all.

There are plenty of questions that people have surrounding electric cars, so Essex Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is taking a look at five popular FAQs.

  1. Are They Cost Prohibitive?

Electric vehicles are expensive, and now with demand high, there can be some supply issues. But experts believe that the costs will come down in time, just as it does for any new technological innovation.

  1. How Long Does the Battery Last?

Most vehicles can go around 260 miles on a single charge, so that can make longer trips problematic—or at least require you to plan well in advance. Also take into account that going faster than the speed limit and carrying heavy cargo (luggage or extra passengers) can also decrease performance, so plan your stops accordingly.

  1. Is Charging an Issue?

If you’re home, it’s likely not. Being away from home can cause some problems, but as long as you have done your research, you should be fine. There are plenty of free charging stations on the road, but if you’re caught off guard, you might find a station that has broken chargers or ones that require a fee to use.

  1. Will I Need to Have a Special Outlet in My Garage?

It depends. Larger or high-performance electric cars require a different outlet, but your vehicle’s manual will outline what’s needed. In most cases, the same outlet that your dryer or stove uses is required, and that’s an easy job for an electrician.

  1. How Long Does it Take for an EV to Charge?

Depending on the outlet, it can take an overnight or a few hours to fully charge at home. Most commercial charging stations on the road have the ability to charge rapidly, fully charging most EVs in around 50 minutes, and that time is improving every year.


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