The COVID-19 pandemic gave all of us a renewed focus on cleanliness and also made us more aware of how unclean things around are house are.

In order to serve as a guide for your health and those living with you, (Center name) Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has the scoop on when to replace six common household items.

  1. Toilet Brush

You’ll want to replace your toilet brush every six months—sooner if the bristles start to wear or look damaged. But more importantly, use bleach on your toilet brush after each use in order to kill any lingering bacteria.

  1. Towels in Your Bathroom

You may only use your bath and hand towels to dry yourself off when you’re clean, but they can also harbor a lot of bacteria just by being located in the bathroom. You’re encouraged to swap out your bathroom towels every two days and replace them altogether every two years.

  1. Shower Curtain Liner

If your shower curtain liner is going from clear to a cloudy white-gray color, you’re not washing it enough. You should wash the liner every month to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew and replace it once a year.

  1. Makeup Brushes

These products collect bacteria and oil by the day but rarely get replaced as often as they should—especially ones that are used near the eye, which is an area that’s very prone to infection. Makeup brushes should be replaced every three months, and makeup sponges even more often than that.

  1. Medication

Expiration dates on medication are clearly labeled, but that process could be sped up depending on where you store it. Due to the heat and humidity, keeping medicine in the bathroom can cause it to expire faster than you’d think. Find a cool, dry place in the kitchen pantry or in a bedroom that’s away from where a child could access it.

  1. Bed Sheets

Bedding is another item that collects dirt, bacteria, and other nasty particles—especially if you snack in bed! You should be washing or changing your sheets weekly and replacing your bed sheets every two to three years.


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