If the precautions taken over coronavirus have sent you into work-from-home mode, you’re not alone! You may have fantasized about how nice working from home must be, but the reality in these times are likely far different. You could be sharing your workspace with your spouse, and if you have kids, you’re either adding on homeschool duties or teaching assistant for their virtual work. 

You also may be someone who uses work as a way for the social side of you to thrive, and that has also likely been taken away. With all this happening, it may be hard to focus on getting your work done!

Essex Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing would like to share four ways that you can change your mindset while working at home in these crazy times.


  • Try to Stick to Your Routine


Keep your morning routine as much as possible. Get up at the same time, shower, get dressed, and then start working at your normal start time. If you do have to change some of these up due to your specific circumstances, just be consistent so a new routine is built.


  • Take Regular Breaks


You know your own pace the best. If you feel that a 10-minute coffee break or an early lunch will help you be more productive, go for it!


  • Fit Exercise in to Your Routine


With limited ways to get out of the house, be sure exercising to help your body not only physically, but mentally as well. Exercise will help reduce stress and keep you from feeling cooped up all day.


  • Find Your Office Space


Make sure you have a specific space in your house for work. Having a quiet area with a desk and chair will be much more conducive to work than plopping down on the couch with your laptop and the television on. 

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