Both short term and long term residents at Essex Center have the opportunity to work with our amazing physical therapy team. Here we see exercise as a fun fitness approach to health that everyone in the Essex Center community can benefit from.

We at Essex Center are justly proud of the good outcomes we create for our residents every day. Our professional physical therapists help our residents to achieve dramatic results. Using the latest techniques short term residents recover from accidents and surgery, reaching independence and discharge sooner than many of them ever expected. By working one on one with a resident, our therapists develop personalized programs that establish specific fitness goals and the steps it will take to achieve them together.

For our longer term residents, we make it a point to work the whole patient, helping them improve balance, mobility, flexibility and muscle tone. Physical therapy helps the people in our community live longer healthier, happier lives. It’s no wonder our slogan is Heart. Health. Home! Working one on one with their therapist, residents will follow a uniquely customized wellness plan that takes into account their general health, doctor’s instructions, and any special circumstances.

Though it can be difficult at times, there are countless rewards for following the Essex Center physical therapy plans. Exercise has been proven to relieve pain and even reduce reliance upon medication. And keeping sessions fun is one more way our therapists work to make physical therapy less of a chore and more of an upbeat, empowering, and productive experience. By taking treatment beyond minimally-prescribed rehabilitation, our therapists ensure that our patients practice the skills they need to live as independently as possible.

Essex Center is part of the Centers Healthcare family; New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island’s premier group of skilled nursing, rehabilitation and senior care services. To speak to a healthcare specialist and find out more about Essex Center, contact us by phone 24/7 at (518) 873-3570, or visit us at 81 Park Street, Elizabethtown, NY 12932.

Heart. Health. Home.